Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks for checking out my portfolio! Here's a selection of my best current work.

Mostly contains clips from my short film DRAGONBOY, will be released soon! I'm graduating from Academy of Art this spring, looking for an internship or entry level animation position. Thanks for watching and enjoy!! :D


Lisa Allen Animation Reel 5-26-10 from lisa allen on Vimeo.

(please email if you'd like a high-res version)


I did all the animation shown in this reel.

Rigs are Norman, Trex rig from The Dragonboy project was directed by me, Bernardo Warman, and Shaofu Zhang. We each modeled a character, rigged with AbAutorig, I mattepainted, Shaofu lit, Bernie composited, we divided animation by sequence.

Short Film (Master's Thesis Project)

A knight. A princess. A dragon. Three little kids... one school play... an epic battle for love and honor...

Check for updates at

Coming May 2010!
I'm currently working on this short film in collaboration with two other awesome animators, Bernie Warman and Shaofu Zhang! I did princess character design and model. We'll all animate each of the characters.

Check out the trailer here!

Dragonboy Teaser Trailer from Shaofu Zhang on Vimeo.

Digital Painting / Illustration:

(above: Spike Meets the Tree, digital painting, published in Ballistic's Expose 6)

(above: Autumn)

(above: character drawing by Aaron Firem, colored by me!)

above: character concept art for student game project)

(below: personal work 2006-2007)